2,300 almanos and 6,800 yesomim
live these words every day of the year.

Yom Tov is the hardest time of the year for a fatherless family.
Who will lead the seudos and create the Yom Tov excitement?
Who will shlug kapparos and bentch the children before Yom Kippur?
Who will build the sukkah and buy arba minim?

When there’s no Tatty to bring them simchas Yom Tov
Nachzik Chazak fills the void.

Throughout the year, an almanah works incredibly hard to both raise her family and bring in income.
Come Tishrei, there’s often no way for her to meet the extra expenses of Yom Tov.
At Nachzik Chazak, we understand the needs of almanos and yesomim. The loneliness. The need to
have someone to lean on. And also, the desire to hold their heads high, to feel not like “nebachs” but
like the heroes that they are.

Let’s give these heroes a new year filled with sweetness and joy.

Tishrei Assistance Opportunities

"חמול עלינו ועל עוללנו וטפינו"

As we daven this Yom HaDin for a good year for our own families, let’s bring simcha to Hashem’s

Clothing vouchers for orphans


for 25 orphans-
( young children)


for 25 orphans
(children 12 and older)


for 50 orphans
( young children)


for 50 orphans
(children 12 and older)


per young child


per child 12 and older


for 10 orphans
( young children)


for 10 orphans
(children 12 and older)

One-of-a-kind opportunity

A mezuzah from
Rav Chaim Kanievsky zt”l

As a strong supporter of Nachzik Chazak, Rav Chaim presented us with mezuzos infused with his bracha, to gift certain special donors.

We only have a few remaining.

Please give us your mailing address to receive your mezuzah.

RH meals for family

Arba Minim set for orphans

Get Your Name in the Special Rosh Hashana Tefillah for Almanos in Meron!

"שמע אשמע צעקתו"

The Torah tells us that Hashem, the Avi Yesomim V’Dayan Almanos, 
listens carefully to the prayers and
cries of widows.

Because it’s up to us to be there to help them when they need it most.

When there’s no Tatte to ask the
"Mah Nishtanah" to…

It’s up to US to answer their questions.

When more than money is needed:A Nachzik Chazak steps in with hands-on support.

For an almanah, the challenge of making Pesach is not just how she will pay for it all. 
Throughout the year, these heroic women hold themselves and their families together while managing to hold their heads up high. 
But make Pesach alone?  With little children at home? 
At Nachzik Chazak, we understand the unique challenges faced by widows and orphans.
That’s why we’ve developed our special Pesach assistance program.