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It Started with a Broken Window Shade

Klal Yisrael is a compassionate nation, and when desperate almanos and yesomim need money, we give. 

Yet sometimes more than money is needed.  Over 7 years ago, brothers Rabbis Yaakov and Azriel Einfeld noticed that there were widows and orphans in their community who were struggling with basic everyday household tasks. Like when the window shade breaks.  When there’s no hot water coming out of the faucet.  The “little” aggravating everyday things that a husband usually takes care of.  But there was no one to take care of it for them.

That’s how Nachzik Chazak was born.  

Since then, we’ve expanded well beyond household repairs.  Because when our technician came to fix a fridge and discovered that there’s no food inside, of course we had to fill it.   And when a young almanah called for help with changing a lightbulb, because she was 9 months pregnant and couldn’t climb on a chair… well, how could we then ignore the birth of this little yasom who would never know his father?  How could we not provide baby clothes, a stroller, and a beautiful bris seudah, to bring joy at this bittersweet simcha?


What an Almanah Needs Most:

Someone to Turn to for Any Need, 24/7 

For an almanah, the pain and loneliness can hit at any time and place.  She may push herself through her days, somehow keeping it together, running her home, getting her kids to school, working, shopping, smiling, smiling, keeping that smile on her face because who wants to be “that nebach widow”?

 And then, suddenly, the fridge breaks.  And she falls apart. 

Because it’s not just that her milk is spoiling and her chickens defrosting and she needs a repairman pronto. It’s not even that she doesn’t know how she’ll pay for a major repair bill, and what if he says it’s irreparable and she needs a new fridge?

It’s that she needs to worry about all of this… alone. She has no husband to call and say, “Help! The fridge is broken! What’s the number of the repairman your chavrusa used the other week?”

She doesn’t have a husband – but she has Nachzik Chazak.  We give every widow our number and tell her to call us 24/7 for anything that she needs.  Anything.  And the moment she calls us, it’s no longer her problem – it’s our problem.  We’ll immediately send over one of our technicians to repair her fridge, and if it’s irreparable, we’ll provide her with a new one.  We’re there if she has plumbing problems, electrical issues – even mice in the house.  (When do you need your husband more than when a mouse is scampering across your dining room?)  When it’s 2 AM and they’ve just come home from a family simcha to find the door lock jammed… she calls us.

No matter what the problem, all she needs to do is call – and we’ll be there. 

When there’s no Tatte to ask the
"Mah Nishtanah" to…

It’s up to US to answer their questions.

When more than money is needed:A Nachzik Chazak steps in with hands-on support.

For an almanah, the challenge of making Pesach is not just how she will pay for it all. 
Throughout the year, these heroic women hold themselves and their families together while managing to hold their heads up high. 
But make Pesach alone?  With little children at home? 
At Nachzik Chazak, we understand the unique challenges faced by widows and orphans.
That’s why we’ve developed our special Pesach assistance program.