Extraordinary opportunity!

Bring the Bracha of Gedolim into Your Home!

One-of-a-kind opportunity

A mezuzah from
Rav Chaim Kanievsky zt”l

As a strong supporter of Nachzik Chazak, the Sar HaTorah gave his personal bracha to a set of special mezuzos, to gift certain special donors

We only have a few remaining.

Rav Chaim’s Assurance:

Hashem will repay those who donate on behalf of widows and orphans middah k’negged middah, and they will be zocheh to see the fulfillment of the pasuk written in the mezuzah: “למען ירבו ימיכם וימי בניכם” that they and their children will be blessed with long life.

One-of-a-kind opportunity

A silver kiddush cup with
Rav Galai’s bracha

“I know that Nachzik Chazak does great things.”

HaRav Galai shlit”a bestowed his personal bracha on a set of beautiful silver kiddush cups, to gift certain special donors.

Rav Galai gives the following bracha to Nachzik Chazak donors:

“May whoever donates to Nachzik Chazak be repayed middah k’negged middah. Hakadosh Baruch Hu should hold him tight and give him an abundance of health, parnassah, success and Siyata Dishmaya. May it be His will that just as you are helping to bring an abundance to the almanos, Hashem should shower an abundance upon you – which is what the kiddush cup symbolizes, an overflowing of shefa.  I bless all of the donors that this kiddush cup should be blessed and, with Hashem’s help, effect a great abundance in all of the worlds – just like they are bringing abundance upon widows and orphans, a zechus whose greatness we cannot even fathom.”

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When there’s no Tatte to ask the
"Mah Nishtanah" to…

It’s up to US to answer their questions.

When more than money is needed:A Nachzik Chazak steps in with hands-on support.

For an almanah, the challenge of making Pesach is not just how she will pay for it all. 
Throughout the year, these heroic women hold themselves and their families together while managing to hold their heads up high. 
But make Pesach alone?  With little children at home? 
At Nachzik Chazak, we understand the unique challenges faced by widows and orphans.
That’s why we’ve developed our special Pesach assistance program.